School of Prayer First Session

If we are to believe in prayer, we must be convinced of God's holiness and worthiness, and believe that He is the Only One. Are we convinced about the Word of God? Our desires are to be His desires. How do we align with God? Jesus and His disciples already had a prayer life, because they were Jews, but they still asked Jesus to teach them to pray. In English the root word for prayer is "beg", but in the Hebrew language and Jewish thinking it is to concentrate and be one-minded. The Jewish lifestyle was one of constant prayer. John 15:7 and John 8:31-32 tell us to abide in Him and hold onto His words, and the truth of the Word will set us free. God sees us through the blood of Jesus. Just as the Jews prayed the Word, so we should be praying from the Living Word (John 1:1). Jesus prayed for the disciples and us in John 17; He prayed to protect us from the evil one, that we would be sanctified by the truth, that we would be one as He is One with the Father and Spirit, that we would be seated with Him, that we would see His glory, that His joy would be fulfilled in us, and that God's love would be in us. Where are we praying from? Pray the Word. We already have all we need. (There was a call to repentance in our prayer life.)